Happy hour 6 P.M. to 10 p.m. $6.99 exterior washThis Too

For any Express Detail or Full Service Detail, we will be offering to disinfect commonly touched areas of your vehicles free of charge. This will include areas such as the door handles, steering wheel, console, shifter, and trunk latch. We realize that this is an imperfect process and can't guarantee this will completely sterilize the vehicle, but we feel that every little bit can help the community stay healthy. This process will add 10 minutes to all services.

It's Dirty. We get it.

Express Detail

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Belmont Car Wash strives to keep our employees and customers safe. Therefore we have made the decision to close our detail department until further notice. However, we will remain OPEN for exterior car washes. We hope you all remain safe and healthy during this crisis.

Available everyday 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. No appointment necessary.

Each service takes only 20 minutes to perform.

Super Interior - Express Detail
Super Interior
$54.99 (Larger Vehicles - Minivans & SUVs $69.99)
  • Vacuum seats & carpets
  • Wash rubber mats
  • Clean dashboard & console
  • Rims cleaned & tires dressed
  • Door jambs
  • Windows inside and out
Express Polish - Express Detail
Express Polish
$54.99 (Larger Vehicles - Minivans & SUVs $69.99)
  • Exterior hand polished
  • Low speed buffing
  • Removes light oxidation
  • Simonize liquid wax used
  • Protects clear coat finish
Upholstery Express - Express Detail
Upholstery Express
(Larger Vehicles - Minivans & SUVs $69.99)
  • Deep cleans upholstery seats
  • Lifts soils and most stubborn stains
  • Extraction cleaning process
  • Dries fast
Leather Conditioning - Express Detail
Leather Conditioning
(Larger Vehicles - Minivans & SUVs $69.99)
  • Gentle cleaning and conditioning of leather upholstery
  • Restores original sheen
Carpet Express - Express Detail
Carpet Express
(Larger Vehicles - Minivans & SUVs $69.99)
  • Deep cleans carpets & mats
  • Removes soils and most stubborn stains
  • Leaves a pleasant scent in the car
  • Dries fast

Full Detail

Available everyday 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. No appointment necessary.

The Big Show - Full Detail
The Big Show
$219.80 (Larger Vehicles - Minivans & SUVs $280)
  • Soft Touch wash
  • Express Polish
  • Super Interior
  • Carpet Express
  • Upholstery Express


Available everyday 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. No appointment necessary.

Polish and Glaze - Luxury Detail
Polish & Glaze

Recommended for cars with light oxidation, tree sap, and light scratches.

Wait time: 2½ hours*

Compound Polish and Wax - Luxury Detail
Compound Polish & Wax

Recommended for most cars before polishing. High-speed buffing compounds take out scratches and heavy oxidation.

Wait time: 2½ hours*